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ModWell Detox and Recovery specializes in the private individual treatment of substance abuse disorders and focuses on developing lifelong recovery. 

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The ModWell team comprises a diverse group of compassionate industry professionals that are highly trained, educated and knowledgeable in the field of addiction treatment and Brain Health and Recovery.

Many of our staff have had first-hand experience in dealing with addiction, either themselves or directly with family members. With the courage to be open about their own shared experience, they are able to relate with our participants empathetically in an atmosphere of understanding and compassion.


There is no journey you’ll ever take in life more difficult, or more rewarding than the journey towards recovery. Addiction has a host of hideous effects on your body, mind, spirit, and relationships with the people you love.

Breaking free from addiction will allow you to build the life you want, and offer you a chance at happiness, health, and fulfillment. But beating addiction won’t be easy. In spite of years of research into the best methods and strategies for getting clean and staying that way, relapse remains a threat for everyone who goes through the initial stages of treatment.
It’s enough to make you consider alternatives to traditional modes of treatment, and the success stories of people who’ve undergone ibogaine treatment offer 5 convincing reasons to try a method which has demonstrated its ability to guide addicts down the path to recovery.
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The first obstacle to treating substance abusea is the fear of symptoms. Withdrawal Drug detox symptoms can cause intense physical and psychological pain. They can even be life-threatening. But for those clearing their systems of, ibogaine treatment has been proven to dramatically reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. The nightmare of the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms when detoxing from opioid-based pain medications and heroin have stopped many addicts from attempting to reclaim their lives.

Ibogaine treatment can greatly reduce the nausea, intestinal pain, restlessness, tremors, irritability, anxiety, diarrhea and muscle and joint aches that are often associated with opiate and opioid withdrawal. You’ll find that it’s a lot easier to embrace the treatment process when you aren’t in agony.
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As evidenced by the fact that as much as 90% of drug addicts in recovery experience a relapse, there is room for improvement in the way we treat addiction. If you’ve already gone through a traditional drug treatment center (or two) and found that you couldn’t break the cycle of dealing with stresses, cravings, and pain with a substance of abuse, it might be time to experiment with a new method of overcoming addiction.
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Substance abuse creates a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness. And those who fall prey to this insidious affliction are often seeking a release from the pain of past trauma, co-occurring disorders, physical pain, or all of the above. No one needs a jolt of positivity and hope more than an addict, and ibogaine treatment has the power to offer the addicted a long look at how their life history, decision-making, and habits have led them where they are, and how a fresh approach can lead them out of suffering. Ibogaine’s effects on addiction and your brain and on the central nervous system include increasing neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to generate new neurons and break free from negative mental patterns.
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Dopamine receptors and neurotransmitters in the brain control our feelings associated with reward and pleasure. For addicts, the pathways and triggers which control the release of dopamine become dependent on a foreign substance and eventually stop responding to other sources of pleasure. Brain imaging studies have also found that dopamine receptors are also linked to our inhibitions, self-control, and tendencies toward compulsive behaviour.

Prolonged addiction reduces the ability to exert control over cravings, while also convincing the mind that in order to feel pleasure, we must stimulate it with harmful substances. This is one of the primary reasons why addiction is so difficult to overcome.
Ibogaine has been proven to restore dopamine receptors in the brain to a pre-addicted state. This is the reason why addicts will be free from cravings for a period ranging from 5 months to a year following a single dose of ibogaine. While this action isn’t enough to single-handedly end addiction, it does provide a window for you to build healthy habits, and deal with the mental and physical issues which led you into addiction.
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Long-term studies on the effects of ibogaine treatment have been conducted in Mexico and New Zealand. The Mexican study found that treatment outcomes were positive, and drug use was reduced throughout the period of the 12 month study. The researchers in New Zealand concluded that their study “provided further evidence supporting ibogaine’s effectiveness in reducing opioid withdrawal, cravings and use over an extended period.” 

Some doctors have reported long-term success rates of 70-80% in treating drugs of abuse with ibogaine, and while responsible providers will encourage therapeutic and other treatments in order to combat the root causes of addiction, objective observers generally conclude that ibogaine’s ability to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings will offer addicts a better chance of sustaining their recovery over the long term.

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