Your recovery journey at ModWell starts with our fast and easy admission process

Private Individualized Detox - Calgary, Alberta
Tribo Nawa Ayahuasca - Marica, Brazil


We operate two rehab centres:
  • Private Individualized Detox - Calgary, Alberta
  • Tribo Nawa Ayahuasca - Marica, Brazil
To learn more about the detox and substance abuse treatment programming offered by ModWell Addiction Treatment Centres’ contact us today. Feel free to call us toll free to speak to one of our Admissions Advisors.


Your recovery journey at ModWell starts with 
our fast and easy admission process.
Admission into ModWell begins with contacting us.
  • No Need for Referral: You or your loved one does NOT have to be referred by a doctor or other clinical professional to be admitted.
  • E-intake Form: After you have chosen to receive addiction treatment, we will send you an e-intake form to fill out. This e-intake form will be used for the development of your personalized addiction treatment program and meeting all your needs if you have such.
  • Tailored to You: During your initial contact with us, we will establish an understanding of your unique issues and requirements; explain all aspects of the services we provide and the various options for treatment; discuss costs and payment options; and address any other questions on your mind.
We will help you choose the treatment program that will address all your needs.

Admission Requirements

To participate in ModWell Treatment Centres’, you must be:
At least 18 years old.
Medically and physically stable enough to participate in treatment.
Motivated to participate in the recovery.

Confidential Assessment Call

Before admission to ModWell, a confidential assessment call is conducted. The purpose of the call is to assess you or your loved one’s situation for addiction, physical and emotional health, and the ability to commit to treatment.

After we understand the issues you or your loved one face, we will advise you on the most suitable facility and treatment program to address your needs


ModWell Detox and Recovery

The New Standard in treatment for drug addiction and abuse
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